1. Sign Up.

You'll want to sign up for an account first. Once you verify your email address [so we know you're a real person ;)], completing your business profile will follow. 

2. Tell us about YOU!

If you are a business BRAND, give us the details. What kind of business do you run? Do you have any special licenses or certifications that must be carried when conducting your business? Do you have things like, a business license?, business insurance?. If you are an online store merchant from websites like Etsy or Shopify, add your store link : ) Poppir is an opportunity to not only rent great space to conduct business, but a conduit in connecting with other great, like-minded businesses. The opportunities are endless with whom you might meet!

3. Search for space opportunities.

Begin your search for that perfect space. We make it easy in connecting you to a space fit for your moment. 

  1. Pick a pop!
    1. Choose a pop-up style that works for you and your budget, if you are just starting out, we recommend booking a Share Pop, with a complimentary business! Not only will you capitalize on their existing foot traffic, but you help them out too.
  2. Size it!
    1. Define the size of space that your business activity requires. If you are a small online shop looking to promote in person, we recommend seeking a smaller space to test. If you are a seasoned business requiring a larger space, choose a larger option. We've made this simple by breaking down size into 2 main categories, either square footage or by person capacity.
  3. Map it!
    1. Location, location, location. The common and cliche, yet important factor in promoting a business. Pick a city, or even one of the popular neighborhoods Poppir offers space.
  4. Book it!
    1. Last but certainly not least, booking. Timing is vital when it comes to executing a superior pop-up experience. If you are teaching a class such as yoga and this is your first pop-up, give your pupils a few weeks notice about your pop-up. If you plan to use Poppir spaces a few times per week in different neighborhoods, be sure to organize your schedule accordingly, and eventually when your pupils do a few, you can pop-up the week of and make things spontaneous! For shops, merchants, artists, and designers, we highly recommend you book a pop at least 2 to 4 weeks in advance to allow time to market and promote the space.

4. Submit your inquiry.

  1. Our team has created a wonderfully simple private messaging system for you to contact and discuss any details regarding your Pop with the HOST. 
    1. During this time the property manager or HOST will review your Pop inquiry which includes, location preference, date and/or time, reason of business in space, and your profile.
    2. Your inquiry will either be APPROVED or DECLINED by the HOST. The HOST may have additional questions before making a decision, so be sure you both work out the details.
  2. Once your inquiry has been approved, Poppir will prompt you in real-time via email and/or SMS text message to complete you booking by making a payment via debit/credit card.
  3. After payment, you will receive another real-time notification via email and/or SMS text message giving you a receipt and attached PDF.
    1. On the PDF you will find all the details about your booking, a unique confirmation number, and proof of payment.

5. Enjoy your Pop!

  1. On the day of your Pop, follow any instructions, space rules, setup/break-down, etc, provided by the HOST on your confirmation PDF.