To edit your listing:

  1. Go to My Profile on
  2. Locate My Listings
  3. Locate the listing to edit and click Edit next to it

There are a couple of other things to know about editing your listing:

  • Some of your editing options won't appear until you've finished listing your space.
  • Edits only apply to reservations booked after you make the changes; they don't apply to upcoming reservations that were already accepted.
  • While you edit, your changes will be automatically saved. Changes may take up to an hour to appear on your public listing.

See step-by-step instructions on how to edit your Poppir listing below. 

Here is an example of a listing, complete with a creative title and a colorful description:

1. Basics
  • Add basics about the size of your space and the type of space. On the Basics page, you'll include the type of pop your space is. 

Classic: Rent an entire traditional storefront for everything from retail brands to culinary ventures.

Flash: Event and studio space of all sizes for product launches, celebrations, or studio work.

Share: Share retail space in an existing business with complementary brands.

Work: Modern workspaces that include virtual desks, conference rooms, and private offices.

2. Description

  • Add a creative title and description.
  • Include space rules. For example: "Do not remove art from the walls." or "Please do not rearrange the furniture."

  • Add the hours your space is available.
  • Add special instructions. This includes details like how check-in works or how the keys will be exchanged.

3. Location

  • Add the address for your space.

4. Photos

  • Add photos of your space.
  • Add photos in the order you would like them to appear in your listing.
  • The first photo will be the cover photo on your listing.

5. Amenities
  • Include any features that make your space unique. Include even small details like WiFi or air conditioning.

6. Availability

  • Add the dates your space is available and the daily rate.
  • You can add prices for individual days or click and drag to add prices for multiple days.

7. Select Submit for Review.