One of Poppir's Community Guidelines is accuracy. Creating a detailed profile and accurate listing will help attract Brands and set their expectations.

Your personal profile

Your Poppir profile gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to Hosts or Brands. Use a photo that clearly shows your face, share some details about your brand or space, and add a fun fact about yourself.

Your listing

An accurate and informative listing lets potential renters know what to expect from you space:

  • Use high-quality photos, write a detailed description of the space, and highlight the amenities you have.
  • Provide detailed Space Rules
  • Be honest and candid about the unexpected factors that will impact your renters. For example, road construction or late-night parties next door. 


When you're setting your price, you may want to explore similar listings nearby. Or, contact Poppir for pricing suggestions. It is possible to set special pricing, for example, weekday vs weekend prices or special holiday prices. 

Learn more about our other Community Guidelines.